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Pets, like people, are creations of the creator. No living creature is perfect and free from ills or attacks by insects and predators in this world.

Regular health examination or screening is highly recommended and is the first line of action to arrest any problem affecting health that can be treated or prevented from getting worse and beyond control. A young pet acquired should visit a veterinarian for a health clearance check before being brought home and to be followed with half yearly or annual examinations and vaccination. The examination should cover nutrition, weight control, temperament, disruptive behaviour disorders, parasite control, dental, sight and hearing. Pet should be micro-chipped and registered with the local authority for safety reason and traceability.

Health is wealth. A healthy pet free from illness or any disorder provides the family with exercise, fun, happiness and peace of mind.


The benefits of sterilisation are numerous. It ends the desire to mate, thereby pets becoming more homely, less aggressive and territorial in behaviour (no fighting/no injury) with less or no urine markings for a better hygienically clean, healthy home or environment. Health-wise, reduced or eliminated the chances of cancer in the private parts and sexual diseases and of course no cross-breeding.

Parasites – Fleas, Mites, Ticks and others

Regular examinations and screening of pets help to slow down or delay the process of pets developing age related diseases (similar to those which may happen in human beings) and when the immune system may need a boost to fight against parasites on their coat and skin and worms in their body.

Keeping right weight, size and level of activity

Underweight and under nourished or obese can impact the quality of life of any animal. Veterinarians after conducting the examination of the pet are able to provide professional advices on feeding , mental and physical exercises and precautionary measures to take to prevent problems such as arthritis, kidney, diabetes and cancer just to name a few.

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