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Many people today understand pets can be our most excellent companions. They are not only at home be they fishes, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats or dogs. Some are seen in offices, clubs, hotels, child care centres, senior citizens homes, hospitals and in some shops for good reasons. Dogs are trained to complement duties of guards, police, army, air force, rescue workers and help the visually handicapped to see. In the region here, most common are dogs followed by cats, fishes, birds and other animals.


Pet possesses such therapeutic power that greatly contributes to people's well being, mental, physical health, emotional development and cognitive thus preventing them falling into depression and delaying the progress of dementia.

Stroking gently a furry pet can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. It diverts the mind from negative thoughts. The feeling from the palm transmits great emotional satisfaction whilst the oil from the coat of the pet may be just like ladies' hand cream moisturises and softens the palm.

The social support from a pet makes a person more relaxed and less stressful through its body communication than any support or social interactions with people. More

Living with purpose and care

Semi-retired, retirees and seniors would continue to have the energy and strength to move on living a life with purpose as pets offer them agape or unconditional love. Pets and owners feel as much valued with each other, while, when close relatives and human friends younger than them in their life may consider them less insignificant or like a burden. This is becoming widespread as many people in this category are seen by younger generation to be over the hill, rejected to be employed due to their age and the infirm are sent to be cared by homes for the old folks where they occasionally enjoyed visits by pets.

A visually handicapped has reasons to live a meaningful life with a guide dog as companion to enjoy independence, outing and all forms of exercises and the kind of communication they know best and joy that no one has ever known.

Decrease feeling of loneliness or isolation

Families today are small and scattered unlike fifty or sixty years ago when families and neighbours were close to each other. Some people treat pet as a family member. Pet becomes more than a close friend to a lonely child with no brother or sister in the home. Seniors at home will not feel lonely with a pet when all other members are out at work or in school. Lone people at home feel secured with a pet.

There is the pet to be amused with and to look after. There will be some movement which are good exercises for the minds, limbs improving blood circulation. Pet owners have the tendency to walk their pet outside the home. It is not unusual to see people walking, exercising bird and dog in the open park and to make or meet friends, a social and physical activity.

Work & Volunteerism

Security guards, police, civil defence and the army in this region all enjoy the support and assistance of dogs in their patrol work guard properties, control crowd, to fight crimes, detect drugs, bombs and search for victims lost or trapped in buildings, landslides and underground.


Some volunteers tag along their pets to visit senior citizen homes, hospices and even community hospitals to cheer the residents. Nurses and aids often have their hands full and have little time to socialise with residents. Volunteers and their pets fill this role well. Every resident would turn their eyes onto volunteers with their pet cat, dog, bird or even small animals. Such action is an exercise on the neck and eyes whilst it transmits joy or some cases fear feeling in the body. A happy resident would love to pat the pet whilst a resident fearful of animals might wonder why others can be happy and question if there was a reason to be afraid. Patting, shoving away a kiss from a pet, giggles and laughter are all good forms of exercises coming from within the resident and creating a bond with the pet.

In the hospice, pets could be seen quietly sitting or lying on the bed providing much warmth, comfort to the resident even without communication something which could not be easily forthcoming from a person.

Education and socialisation

Pet is a helpful subject in education and sharing of experiences. The focus will be on the pet when sex education has to be taught to younger people. Making new friends become easy with pets as a subject so as not to dwell on ethics and sensitive issues. Time management is made easy with pet as an excuse to end and move on to the next activity or destination. A pet shapes our lifestyle for the better to be more caring, responsible, stay healthy and sensitive to the feelings of others and those much lesser than us.Hide

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