Auto-close pet safety gate (XY-P005 ) 60x60cm

The safety gate fits openings from 69cm-76cm, or up to 104cm with the use of separate extensions.
- No Punching required on the wall easy install & uninstall
- The door opens in both directions.
- The gate can be automatically return after opening
- Safe for pets- lead free and non toxic

Choices Available:

316124 Auto-close pet safety gate (XY-P005 ) 60x60cm, $88.90

316246 EXTENSION TUBE 7 CM (XY-P005 S), $10.45

316247 EXTENSION TUBE 14CM (XY-P006 S), $20.95

316248 EXTENSION TUBE 21 CM (XY-P007 S), $31.40

316249 EXTENSION TUBE 28 CM (XY-P008 S), $41.85

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Separate extensions size available:

1. 69-76cm : Without Extension kit 

2. 77-83cm : With one 7cm Extension kit 

3. 84-90cm: With one 14cm Extension kit 

4. 91-97cm: With one side 7 cm and one side 14 cm Extension kit

5. 91-97cm:: With one 21cm Extension kit 

6. 98-104cm: With one 28cm Extension kit



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