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Freeze Dried Little Bites Lamb

Our Big Dog Freeze Dried Little Bites are delicious bites of raw healthy goodness using the same high quality recipes as the Big Dog raw diet range, only in smaller serve sizes and freeze dried for all the health benefits of raw nutrition with the convenience of dry food!

Available in 2 flavours, our Freeze Dried Little Bites are naturally complete and balanced so can be used as the primary source of your pets nutrition while travelling for convenience, or integrated into their everyday diet as healthy treats and toppers.


Lamb, finely ground lamb bone & cartilage, chicken, finely ground chicken bone & cartilage, beef & lamb heart, beef & lamb liver, beef & lamb kidney, whole fish (salmon & sardines), seasonal fruits, vege & herbs (kale, spinach, broccoli, bok choy, silver beet, carrots, celery, beetroot, lettuce, cucumber, capsicum, apple, orange, pear, tomato, strawberry, ginger & parsley), wheatgrass, cold pressed ground flaxseed, whole egg, coconut oil, kelp powder (brown seaweed), turmeric, live probiotics, prebiotics, garlic.


FREEZE DRIED: Protein 45%, Fat 47%, Fibre 1% Maximum, Calcium 0.7%, Phosphorus 0.5%,

Calcium: Phosphorus Ratio 1:0.7, Ash 2.4%, Moisture 2% Maximum.

REHYDRATED: Protein 13%, Fat 13.4%, Fibre 1% Maximum, Calcium 0.7%, Phosphorus 0.5%, Calcium: Phosphorus Ratio 1:0.7, Ash 2.4%, Moisture 69%.


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Using 100% grass-fed Australian lamb, our Freeze Dried Lamb Little Big Bites are a high quality, species-appropriate diet or treat for dogs of all shapes and sizes. This mixed-protein recipe provides a variety of high quality amino acids coming only from fresh, raw Australian produce. We add offal to our recipes for concentrated naturally occurring vitamins and minerals as well as crushed bone for calcium, collagen, bone marrow and other nutritional building blocks for healthy bones and joints. Our recipes also contain a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthy ingredients to provide a naturally balanced source of nutrition full of anti-inflammatory, immune supporting and health promoting ingredients.

How much do I feed : TREATS / TOPPERS: If using Big Dog Little Bites as treats or toppers, integrate into your dog’s diet taking their total energy requirements into account.

MEALS: If using Big Dog Little Bites as your dog’s primary source of nutrition, feed 3 Little Bites per kg of body weight daily.

For puppies under 12 months, pregnant or lactating dogs or working active dogs with higher energy requirement, double the daily serve size. For dogs 5 kg and over, consider Big Dog Big Bites or Big Dog raw patties for an economical feeding option for larger daily feeding amounts. To rehydrate Big Dog Freeze Dried Little Bites into healthy raw food simply add room-temperature water to the Bites, crumble and mix. For each Little Bite add 6 mL of water to reconstitute (a metric teaspoon is approx. 5 mL). Watch this video to see how easy rehydrating freeze dried food is! When using as treats or not rehydrating freeze-dried food, remember to have plenty of fresh drinking water available for your dog.

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