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Hamster bedding

Eco-friendly, High absorbency and excellent odour control, Lightweight and economical, Hamster bedding is a vital part of a pet hamster's everyday habitat. Hamsters spend literally all their time on the bedding. Whether they are playing, socializing, nesting or sleeping, it is important to provide suitable bedding that is safe, healthy and easy to use. Hamster Bedding by Green Kat is an ideal and natural material for hamsters and other small pets.


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150371 Green kat Hamster bedding, 10L, $14.00 $12.60

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Made from 100percent recycled papers under strict quality control, this bedding product:Is totally pet-friendly, Free from additives and other nasties, Has a fluffy and soft texture for a high degree of comfortIs highly absorbent to ensure that pets live in a dry, hygienic and dust-free environment.

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