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Pet Diapers - XS

Diapers perfect for untrained puppies, female on heat, incontinence, travelling, excitable urination, urine marking, post surgical protection. Fits snugly, is comfortable and secure. Convenient and easy to use. Superclean and hygienic. No leak protection. Resealable with repositionable tabs. Wont stick to fur.Each bag contains 18 pcs.

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307854 PAMPETS Pet Diapers - XS, $15.30

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Perfect for the following uses:
- Untrained puppies
- Female on heat
- Incontinence
- Traveling
- Excitable urination
- Urine marking
- Post-surgical protection

Size recommendation:
Weight: 3 - 5kg
Waist Measurement: 23- 35cm

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