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30 Day Refill for Diffuser

The refill works with the Feliway classic diffuser. Replace refill at the end of every 30 days for continuous calming pheromone coverage inside the home.

FELIWAY® works to help prevent urine spraying and scratching. Cats are unlikely to scratch or spray where they detect the feline facial pheromone.  

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375077 Feliway 30 Day Refill for Diffuser, 48ml, $32.15

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The FELIWAY® Diffuser helps your cat feel at home for up to 30 days. It mimics the natural feline facial pheromone. FELIWAY® is up to 90% effective* in reducing or eliminating scratching and peeing outside the litter box. A significant reduction in these behaviours is usually seen within 7 days. If your cat is marking in several areas in the same room, use a FELIWAY® Diffuser. It covers up to 700 sq ft. Use the diffuser for at least 30 days. FELIWAY® is not a drug. It is non-sedating, non-systemic, and has no known contraindications with any other treatment. FELIWAY® Diffuser Is Ideal for these situations:
-Cats peeing outside the litter box
-Visiting the vet
-Boarding your cat

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