5 Home Exercises You Can Do with Your Pet

Photo by master1305 on Freepik.com.

Working from home doesn’t mean you need to slack off on your exercises! Stay fit and healthy with your beloved pet at home with these 5 exercises you can do from home.

Exercise at a time during COVID-19 may seem hard, but quick workouts can actually be quite easy to come by. And with a fluffy companion at home, you can try out these five home exercises to help you and your pet keep fit!


1. Push-ups (for smaller pets)

If you have a smaller dog or cat, this would be the perfect exercise to do with them.

For this workout, just assume the usual positions for push-ups and place your furry friend on your back for an extra challenge. This will be an effective workout if your pet prefers to laze around and do nothing all day long.

Photo from @magnusthetherapydog on Instagram.

Photo from @magnusthetherapydog on Instagram.

Just be sure that your fur friend isn’t too heavy! If they are, they can gently rest their paws on your back instead to give you a bit more extra weight.


2. Sit-ups

Here’s another classic exercise to do: sit-ups. While doing your usual sets, however, hold onto your pet’s favourite toy and hold it out to them when you sit up. Give them a second to play with it before going back down again, bringing the toy with you.

This would mean that while you’re doing your sit-ups, you’ll be bringing their toy back and forth as you go. 

Photo from @magnusthetherapydog on Instagram.

Photo from @magnusthetherapydog on Instagram.

If your pet is particularly energetic, they may follow your movements too, running back and forth with the toy as you do your reps. This way, both you and your fluffy companion can get some exercise done at home!

3. Wall sits (for smaller pets)

Wall-sits may be tough for some, but doing it with your beloved pet will help make the pain much more bearable.

For this particular workout, all you have to do is sit against the wall as per the usual exercise. Except this time, you can hold onto your furry friend for extra weight, just like holding a dumbbell or medicine ball.

If your pet is towards the heavier side, they can simply rest their paws on your legs to give you some extra weight and provide a challenge!

4. Lunges

Here’s another exercise for those with excitable pets: lunges with their favourite toys.

As you do your usual lunges, bring the pet toy down to your fur friend and let them play with it for a short while. And just like with the sit-ups, bring the toy back up again when you return to your original position.

Photo from shape.com.

Photo from shape.com.

If they don’t seem interested in the toy, you can switch it out with their favourite snack and tease them with the treat for a few reps. Just be sure to actually reward them after your exercise is over!

5. Tug-of-war

If you’re tired of simple exercises such as these, how about a game of tug-of-war with your energetic pet?

Using a simple rope toy, you can spend a good few minutes play-fighting with your pet, tugging and pulling the toy away from each other.

Photo from Darinka Kievskaya on Unsplash.com

Photo from Darinka Kievskaya on Unsplash.com.


As any pet owner would know, playing with them is more likely to tire you out much faster compared to your furry friend, so that’s most likely going to be your exercise for the day!

You can grab some of these toys here to help grab your pets’ attention. Be sure to get a pack of treats too to reward your pet’s help with your exercise routine!

With these exercises on hand, you’re now you’re all set to stay fit and healthy together with your fur friend from home!

Photo by master1305 on Freepik.com.