Choosing the Best Cat Litter: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to the world of cat ownership, where the right cat litter can make all the difference in maintaining a clean, odour-free, and happy home for both you and your feline friend. But how do you know what cat litter or cat sand is best for your cat? Well, simply put, it is a cat litter that your cat likes and will use. But this doesn’t mean you should forget about yourself either. The cat litter should also work for your preferences in terms of convenience. So let’s look into the myriad of options available so that you can determine the best one for your cat.


The first consideration to make is the texture of your cat litter, as it plays a big role in the usage of the litter box. There are several textures available from fine cat sand that mimics natural soil to silica gel beads that reduce tracking around your house. Each type will have its own advantages. Clay litter is a type that is highly absorbent and budget-friendly, but can be heavy and require more frequent cleaning. On the other hand, wood pallets are eco-friendly and low tracking but your cat may not like how it feels on their paws as it is not as soft as other options. Most cats prefer fine textures over other types as they are similar to the soft soil or sand that cats use in the wild. 


No one enjoys the smells that emanate from the litter box, which is why odour control is one of the most crucial factors for cat owners. Various litters tackle this issue in different ways. Some biodegradable options like corn or wheat neutralise the odours naturally, while others are artificially scented. The only issue with these added fragrances is that some cats may be sensitive to them. After all, cats have around 200 million scent sensors while we humans have only around 5 million. 

Here are some options for cat litter that offers good odour control - 


The dust from your litter box can affect both you and your cat in terms of respiratory health, particularly if you live in a small living space and have environmental allergies and asthma. Low-dust or dust-free litter can reduce this concern. At the same time, many natural types of cat litter come in pellet form or are naturally clumping, which reduces the amount of dust in the air. 

Here are some cat litter options that are low in dust  - 

Clumping vs Non-Clumping

Non-clumping is a popular option mainly because it is very affordable and is often great at absorbing urine and odours. Your cat is also less likely to scatter the litter around the house as its larger granules don’t cling to their paws as much. However, non-clumping litter will require you to clean out the litter completely at least once a week. Meanwhile, clumping litter is more expensive, but it is much easier to use. The litter will absorb the urine into clumps that you can easily scoop up and toss. This makes cleaning out the box and replacing it with entirely new litter more of a once-a-month chore rather than a weekly one. Keep in mind that clumping litter is not appropriate for kittens due to the risk of ingestion, since curious kitties will often try and eat their own faeces which mixed with the litter could lead to an intestinal blockage. 

Understanding Your Cat's Preferences

Experimenting with small amounts of different litters can help you discern your cat's likes and dislikes, ensuring their comfort and consistent use of the litter box. The first step is to assess your cat's needs by considering their age, health and previous litter preferences. Then look into the types and brands of litter available, focusing on those that meet your identified needs. Introduce your cat to a new litter type to gauge their reaction, and depending on their usage and behaviour towards the new litter, you can figure out whether it is appropriate or not. A good way to try out a few different litters at a time is to set up multiple trays each with a different kind of litter and see which one your cat is immediately drawn to. If they go outside the box, you should try another few types of cat litter until they are willing to use it. However, if the behaviour continues, you should speak to your vet to discuss your cat and its urinary health.

The Path to a Clean and Happy Home

Choosing the right cat sand online is essential for the comfort and health of your cat, as well as for keeping your home clean and odour-free. At Pets' Station, we're committed to helping you navigate the journey of pet ownership with ease. Whether you're looking for the perfect cat sand online or need advice on other aspects of caring for your cat, our team is here to support you. All of our cat sand and cat litter options come with detailed information to help you make the best decision for your cat. So explore our wide range of options for cat sand online or visit us in-store to find the perfect match for your feline friend.