Everything you need for your first cat

Bringing a cat home for the first time can be quite the daunting task, especially if you’re a first-time pet owner! No need to fret though, as we’ve prepared a comprehensive list of the things you’ll need to prepare even before bringing your new fur friend home: from tasty cat treats to sturdy scratching posts, be ready to get the best of the best for your fluffy pal to make their new home as welcoming as possible!


Cat carrier/crate

One of the first things your feline friend would have to do with you is take a trip to their new home! To make this experience as comfortable for them as possible, be sure to get a good cat carrier or crate to transport them in. Make sure that the carrier is big enough for your cat to move and turn around easily in, as crates will be more of a nuisance than a comfy hideout if they’re too small.

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Cat food and treats

Of course, no pet can go a day without tucking into a good meal, as well as getting a tasty treat every now and then. Get ready your cat food and treats before your fluffy friend arrives home, though it might be hard at first to decide which types to get. Whether dry, wet, or raw, these cat foods all have their own benefits, so do check with your cat’s previous owner or with a veterinarian which is the best for your pet!

Once your cat is settled at home, a vet check-up for any possible allergies should also be arranged so that you can make sure to not feed your cat anything they shouldn’t eat.

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Feeding and drinking bowls

Food bowls are essential for your cat’s feeding, though be sure that the bowl is the right size for your cat! Those that are too big or too small might hinder their eating, and no one wants to be frustrated trying to eat their meal. Drinking bowls should also be readily available for your beloved cat so that they can drink up whenever they need to!

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Litter and litter box

Like humans, cats will need a space to relieve themselves without soiling the place. Litter boxes can do the trick just fine, but be sure that they aren’t too small or tall for your cat, lest they can’t do their business comfortably and feel too stressed. A nasty toilet is not a good toilet, after all!

As for the cat litter, getting one that helps to get rid of odour and clump your cat’s poop together for easy scooping is the best option!

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Cat bed

A comfy place for your precious feline to rest is the next thing you should get on your list! Though it’s a well-known fact that cats can sleep anywhere and at any time, a nice, cozy bed for them to snuggle in is still a good thing to get: it can act as their safe space and a place they can retreat to if they don’t want to be disturbed. Same like their crate and litter box, make sure that this bed is big enough for them to be comfortable in!

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Scratching posts

If you want your house and furniture to remain scratch-free, investing in a scratching post or two would be a good decision to make. Not only will this spare your couches from your new cat’s scratches, it’ll also help maintain the health of their ferocious claws.

Your scratching posts should be tall and sturdy, reaching at least the height of your cat when standing and with a heavy base so that it doesn’t topple over easily when your cat attacks it with scratches. If your home isn’t big enough for huge, looming scratching posts though, scratch boards are a good alternative!

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Cat toys

Scratching posts won’t keep your cat entertained for long, though. As such, an abundance of cat toys can help make sure your cat has fun living in their new home, exploring the many different types of entertainment made just for them. From squishy soft toys to battery-operated machinations, your cat won’t ever need to feel bored!

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Grooming supplies

To keep your cat prim and proper, getting a grooming kit will make sure that your fluffy friend is groomed and kept neat and healthy daily! Some of the things you’ll need in your kit include:

Be sure to check your cat if they’re allergic to any chemicals in the shampoo as well, some might be unsafe to use on some cats.

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Collar and ID tag

One final touch to your new cat will be ensuring that people know they belong with you! A comfortable collar with a tag will do the trick, and it’s absolutely essential if your cat is allowed to roam outdoors in your neighbourhood. This will help indicate that your cat has a home to return to and if they’re ever lost, your cat’s name and your contact information will be readily available on the tag!

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You’ll find yourself getting more and more items as time goes by, replacing toys and snacks as your cat continues to learn and grow. But for now, this list will help start things off on the right foot and ensure that you and your cat can live as comfortably as possible!