New to dog owning? Here's the only guide you'll ever need when buying raw dog food.

Your Guide To Buying Raw Dog Food

We all want what is best for our pets. This includes feeding them the best diet possible. In recent years, keeping in mind our dogs’ preferences for a diet that is high in fresh meat and bones, some people have begun turning to a diet consisting of food that is completely raw. The claim is that with a raw dog food diet, dogs are finally able to absorb all the nutrients they need evolutionarily, leading to shinier coats, healthier teeth and better overall health. 

Raw dog food is uncooked food, mostly meat, that can be homemade or store-bought -. It is a known fact that racing greyhounds and sled dogs often consume raw food diets. As canine experts state, the BARF diet - (Bones and Raw Food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), - is based on what canines ate before they were domesticated. But are dogs really healthier when they are fed raw meat? Read on to explore all the benefits of a raw pet food diet for your dogs. 

The Benefits of Raw Dog Food

1. Cutting out ‘junk’ food

It has become more challenging to avoid junk food, sweets, highly processed foods, and the toxins and chemicals found in mass-produced foods. This has impacted our pets too. This occurs due to commercially produced pet food.

The raw diet thereby offers a chance to get back to nature, cut out unhealthy food and improve your pet's health. This diet contains easily digestible components and supports the long-term health of our pets. When considering highly processed diets like kibble, there is still a significant blind spot in knowing exactly what goes into making them. By removing the unidentified ingredients and artificial additives from your dog's food and replacing them with highly absorbable nutrients from real, fresh foods, you can regain control over your dog's nutrition.

2. Better digestion

It is believed that a raw food diet enables dogs to absorb a lot more nutrients from their food. While kibble lingers in the stomach for several hours, raw food takes a much shorter time to digest—just one or two hours! As a result, dogs have a better digestive process and will also pass stools a lot less frequently. It will also ensure that their stools smell less pungent. A raw diet can also help balance out all of their body’s systems, making it much easier for them to lose, gain or maintain weight as needed.

3. Helps with allergies

Allergies are one of the most common reasons to take your pet to the vet. If your dog is suffering from persistent allergies, a raw diet might be the way to go. Raw food is made up of real ingredients that you can instantly recognise and is as natural of a diet as you can get. The most common allergens for dogs usually come in the form of processed foods, where it can be tough to pinpoint exactly the ingredient that is causing the reaction. Moreover, since raw diets are high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates, they are naturally anti-inflammatory and help to support your dog’s immune system.

4. Better skin and coat

A raw food diet is also great for improving the appearance of your dog’s coat while also helping their skin look and feel much better. Raw dog food diets help make dogs’ skin less greasy and oily. This in turn leads to a softer coat. This is because the right balance of amino acids and omega fatty acids coming from a raw food diet can help promote the healthy function of skin cells. In fact, it has been seen that puppies that are fed raw food have fewer instances of canine atopic dermatitis as adults than puppies that are fed with kibble. It simply goes to show that biologically inappropriate diets that are devoid of the right types of nutrition lead to more inflammation and allergic responses while natural diets are much better at promoting optimal bodily functions. 

The Best Raw Dog Food

It's easy to get caught up in diet fads. The keto, vegan, and long-running war against grains are just a few of the diets that are popular in the bizarre world of pet food. We all fall for some of these diet trends, but the success of any diet depends on the individual using it, their health, and how the diet is used.

So give a raw food diet a chance. Your dog will appreciate it, and since you'll be saving money on vet bills your wallet will too. But don’t just take it from us! Put it to the test. For the best raw dog food in Singapore, visit Pets’ Station. Pet station is home to world-renowned pet food brands such as Bow Wow, Big Dog, Bark, etc. If you are looking for the convenience of online shopping and the most reliable dog food delivery service in Singapore, Pet's Station is the place for you.