Toothache in Cats

Toothache in Cats, what you can do to help your cat stop the pain?

Your cat will do anything to hide a toothache, like eating normally despite the pain. It will only show signs of discomfort when the pain exceeds its tolerance scale. As 15% of oral diseases can only be seen by the naked eye, the vet will need an X-ray to find out the underlying issue. But first, prevent your cat from getting a toothache and save the money from x-rays. 

What Causes Toothache in Cats?

A toothache may be caused by broken, fractured or growing teeth in the mouth. However, 80% of cat toothache is caused by bacteria. 

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How do I know if my cat has a toothache?

With every change in behaviour, especially bad breath, one-sided chewing, less eating and crooked head! Please bring them to the vet immediately if you notice such behaviour. 

How can QCHEFS dental flakes help?

The natural antibacterial effectiveness of QCHEFS dental flakes helps eradicate bacterial formation and dissolves tartar leaving your cat with disease-free and healthy teeth.

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How does it work?

Special peptides in cottage cheese attach to the cell walls of the bacteria so they can no longer multiply. The bad breath disappears and the tartar dissolves. This is supported by the special interaction of the ingredients which ensures very good oral hygiene, health and well-being. 

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In a nutshell:

Please bring your cat to the vet immediately if you suspect they have a toothache. Only 15% of dental problems are visible hence, x-rays are needed. Brush your cat's teeth with naturally antibacterial dental flakes! Even tartar dissolves and inflammation decreases! Save your cat toothache and suffering: Prevention is easy.