Which dog or cat should you get based on your zodiac sign?


Though it might not be the most accurate test, there’s no harm in checking out which pet breed might be the best fit for you based on your horoscope! If you’re interested to see which dogs and cats will suit your lifestyle the best, read on to find out!

One thing new pet owners should do is to check whether a pet is able to match with your lifestyle and personality before getting them! Visiting them for a few weeks would be the ideal situation to scope out each of your personalities, but a fun experiment you can try to see if the two of you are compatible is to check your horoscopes!

Though it might not be the most accurate test, there’s no harm in checking out which breeds might be the best fit for you based on your zodiac sign. If you’re interested to check, or perhaps just to see the wide range of possible pet breeds to get, read on to find out which dog or cat you should get!



A person born under Aries is known to be rather energetic, going about life full of zest. Social and brimming with enthusiasm, they need a pet to be able to keep up with their active lifestyle!

For those interested in dogs, a German shepherd would be the best choice! Fiercely loyal, but playful and fun-loving as well, this adorable pooch will be your best friend whenever you want to go on a run or walk.

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For cat-lovers, the Egyptian mau is also an active and energetic pet to look out for, content to spend the day climbing all over the house and exploring nooks and crannies. The perfect feline to go on adventures with!

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Those under Taurus tend to be more laid-back, waiting to see where life takes them. Though these people are pretty easy-going, they’re also loyal friends, hence an equally loyal companion will suit them the best!

A Boxer will be the best fit for any Taurus dog-lover: they’re patient, yet protective, and are of course loyal to their beloved owners! They watch over those that they love and are the best long-term companion you can ask for.

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In terms of felines, an American shorthair is just as laid-back as their owners, and while they’re perfectly content entertaining themselves, they don’t mind fishing for attention from their dear owners as well!

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Geminis are usually categorised as friendly and curious, and are also well-known chatterboxes, valuing communication. As such, they’re best suited with a pet that’s just as curious and chatty!

A Bichon frise is perhaps the best fit for Geminis then, as they’re bursting with energy every single day. Unafraid to try new things and free-spirited, this adorable dog will definitely be your new best friend.

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Siamese cats are very communicative, and will love to have an owner that shares their love for chatting. Using meows, they’ll be able to tell you exactly what they want, making the both of you the perfect pair of friends.

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Compassionate and caring, Cancers are best fitted with pets who will be just as nurturing and family-oriented as they are. They’ll be able to shower their beloved pet with as much love as they do with their family and friends.

Amongst dogs, the Rottweiler is perhaps the most loyal. Just as sweet and protective as their owners, they will be able to guard those they care about and show their loving side!

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The Somali cat is also rather sensitive, seeking out their owner to shower them with affection and love, which they know they love. They truly don’t mind spending their time cuddling and interacting with their owner, showing their deep-rooted affection for them.

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People under Leo can be spotted by their sparking optimism, their cheerful disposition infectious to all that meet them. As such, a pet that matches their warm personality and outgoing attitude will be the perfect companion!

Pugs are one such dog, with an adorable face that brings joy to anyone’s day. These fun-loving dogs will be sure to brighten their owner’s life and perfectly emulate their positive and excitable attitudes!

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The same can be found in the British shorthair, a popular breed amongst cat owners and for good reason. They are known to be gentle and caring, seeking affection from their equally-loving owners, and are just as loyal to them as other cats before them.

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Meanwhile, Virgos are rather sensitive people, preferring peace and quiet. These detail-oriented people will find a good friend with pets who share their hard-working attitude and determination.

Shetland sheepdogs are one such example: they’re alert and compassionate, and will be able to sniff out your emotions, making them the perfect pets to share your sorrows to!

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With felines, the Persian cat will be the perfect fit for those who love pets that are docile and independent. These cats will be happy to give their owners plenty of space, but aren’t afraid to ask for pets and affection now and then.

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Those under Libra tend to be creative, treasuring the beauty found in the world. They’re also rather social and intelligent, thus a pet that can be just as sweet and dreamy will be the best fit for them!

One breed comes to mind when it comes to dogs, and that’s the Pomeranian. These small balls of fur will be sure to stick by your side through thick and thin, and their keen intellect and sharp minds make for great companionship!

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In cats, the majestic Ragdoll provides both a sweet-natured personality and a sociable characteristic, making them a great fur friend to have at home, as they’ll ensure that you have your own personal time without ever feeling truly alone.

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Scorpios, on the other hand, are deemed to be brave and passionate individuals, as well as confident to boot. With such a fiery personality, they deserve a pet who can match their level of spunk and energy!

The Pitbull is a great dog for Scorpios, as they’re just as resourceful and brimming with power. Though they have a bad reputation for being scary, pitbulls can also be very sweet, just like their owner.

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For those who prefer cats, the Burmese cat will most likely be the one for you. Extremely loyal to their owners, these cats can match their strong personalities with their own, which Scorpios will love to handle.

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Happy-go-lucky and free-spirited, those under Sagittarius are the perfect owners for pets that love to explore different places, embarking on new adventures every day.

To accompany them on their journeys, a Russell Terrier will be the best choice. These fun-loving and positive pooches are a delight to bring along, and they are able to adapt to new situations well too!

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The Abyssinian cat has similar traits as well, preferring to move about at all times and are intensively curious, ready to explore everything that’s around them. Both of your inquisitive personalities will be sure to click with them around!

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Capricorns are pretty disciplined people, and will make ever-patient owners to their pets! Dutiful and responsible, they are a good fit for pets who are just as calm as they are.

The Pekingese are best suited for such owners, being highly independent and calm pets. These furry friends won’t be making too much of a fuss any time soon, which is a blessing to the disciplined Capricorn.

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For felines, the Munchkin cats are the ones who’ll provide the affection in the household, sticking close to their owners and showering them with their love. They can also be playful and have a keen eye for shiny, swinging objects.

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Independent Aquarius need a pet that is just as unique as them, and who can also share with them their love for problem-solving and mental stimulation.

For dog-lovers, this life-long pal comes in the form of a Labrador Retriever, who are pretty smart and humanitarian creatures. They will be able to accompany you in your journey to discover the unexplored and be your loyal, trusted guide!

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Birman cats are also devoted companions, and share the same love for helping others with their owners. Though they are curious and inquisitive, they don’t get into a ton of trouble and noise: perfect for quiet-thinking Aquariuses.

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These empathetic and imaginative people are well-suited for pets who are just as bright and kind-hearted as they are. With each other, this fun-loving duo will be sure to take the world by storm!

A Saint Bernard is one such companion you can find: selfless and deeply loving, these fluffy canines will be sure to remind you every day how much they adore you. Their gentleness and loyalty will be sure to shine through, just as they do in a Pisces.

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Amongst cats, the Pixiebob is one of the more emotional breeds and very sweet and loving. There’s no need to be embarrassed when showing your love to this cat, as they’ll be sure to reciprocate with their own affections!

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Though horoscopes can be used as a general guide to someone’s personality, no one is exactly the same! To know how you really are around pets, you’ll have to make sure to do your due research and spend time with them to be certain about how they’re like around you. No need to fret, though, as there’ll always be a pet you can find that adores you!