Why Do Pets Need Strollers?

When one thinks of bringing a pet around town, walking a dog or carrying a cat in a carrier might come to mind. However, a pet stroller would do the job just as well, and might even be much more convenient depending on your furry companion.

But what exactly can a stroller do that a normal walk wouldn’t? Well, there are many reasons why a pet stroller would do your pet much more good than a simple pet carrier, whether it’s due to age or physical health, but here are 5 ways that can show just how useful they are:

1. Strollers for senior/disabled pets

Pet strollers are the perfect vehicles for any pets that you may have that are getting on with age and need a bit more assistance to get around. After all, every pet should be able to enjoy the outdoors regardless of their mobility!

Photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash.com.

Same goes for pets with disabilities: even if their health prevents them from going on a stroll in a park, these pet strollers will help to bring them around places with ease, and let them enjoy the sights without fear of injury or exhaustion.

2. Strollers for hot or stormy weather

    However, these strollers aren’t just for senior pets - any regular animal can use it, especially on days where the weather is hot and the pavements are burning. A walk out in a weather like that will hurt the soles of your pets’ paws and thus, a stroller is the best option to protect your fluffy friend’s feet while also soaking in the sun.

    A stroller’s hood can also help to shield your pet from the sun’s glaring rays or a downpour from the rain, something that a normal leash can never do.With such a protection from the elements, your beloved pet will be kept safe and sound no matter what!

    3. Strollers for pets with anxiety

      Similar to older and disabled pets, pets with anxiety will have a harder time making their way around parks with other, more boisterous animals. As such, pet strollers can help them enjoy the feeling of exploring the outdoors without the fear of being around large crowds and noisy pets.

      Photo by Mark Timberlake on Unsplash.com.

      In a comfy stroller, your pet can be sheltered from any loud noises that might frighten them with a quick pull of the hood. Definitely a trusty item to have around when you’re out and about!

      4. Strollers for exercising with pets

        These strollers are also convenient for owners who might want to bring their pets out with them for a jog or workout routine at a park. The stroller would be the perfect place to set your beloved companion in while you do your sets, instead of having them leashed up in a corner.

        When going about a park, a stroller would also be convenient when you’re moving fast enough that your pet may not be able to catch up. All in all, this would be perfect for quick-moving owners that still want their pet accompanying them every step of the way.

        5. Strollers for highly-populated urban areas

          In an urban country like Singapore, the foot traffic can be quite scary, especially during rush hours or even during weekends at popular parks. And while those with large, energetic dogs might be safe from all the hustle and bustle, smaller pets might find themselves in danger of being trampled in the crowd. With a stroller, however, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on your beloved pet!

          Photo by Robin Glauser on Unsplash.com.

          With high foot traffic comes the unfortunate inevitability of litter being left in its wake as well, and some might even be dangerous for your pet to step on or consume. As such, strollers will help keep your furry friend safe from any unpleasant trash along the way and prevent them from being injured.

          If these pet strollers seem enticing to you, feel free to browse them in our travel essentials collection and treat your pet to a comfortable ride around the country! With this, your fluffy companion will definitely be the coolest - and happiest - pet on the block.