Bad Breath in Puppies

What causes bad breath in puppies and how to get rid of it?

The first step should be to try to determine the cause of the bad breath. You can start by checking their mouth consistently. Make it a routine and give them lots of praise for cooperating as it is important to keep track of your dog’s oral health. You can then identify the problem and sometimes solve it right away.

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Causes of bad breath in puppies:

  • Teeth not falling out
  • Jaw diseases
  • Pus
  • Nutritional causes
  • Kidney diseases
  • Licking genital areas

There are other possible causes of bad breath in puppies:

Typical dentition odour: Bacteria in the mouth are the most common cause of bad smells. It could be an injury, but most often it comes from plaque. Even puppies should brush their teeth. The perfect pinking scissors bit, which cleans itself through mechanical abrasion, is certainly rare. During the period of changing teeth, not only plaque but also loose teeth, bleeding or gum inflammation can cause odour. This is an easy way to get puppies' bad breath under control: with the naturally antibacterial effect of the cheese bones such as QCHEFS. Just as the quark wraps work against inflammation in your knees or bronchitis, the cottage cheese (cooked quark) neutralizes the bacteria in your mouth. It has been scientifically proven that the protein complex attaches
itself to the cell walls of bacteria and destroys them. Cheese bones also help with gum inflammation and even dissolve existing tartar. With natural ingredients used, the teeth will be clean and the bad breath will be gotten rid of.

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Typical smell of faeces:

Sometimes, dogs even eat poop due to a lack of vitamin K1, which the dog tries to compensate for. With the cheese bones, the bad breath and the bacteria will be gotten rid of. A high proportion of this is naturally contained in buckwheat (no grain). The buckwheat is an important part of the puppy cheese bone.

What is a Puppy Cheese Bone and what are the ingredients?

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The cheese bone for puppies consists of only natural ingredients with no synthetic additives. – 30% cottage cheese, buckwheat (no grain) or rice, rapeseed oil, organic coconut oil, Because of the high proportion of natural vitamins and minerals, it provides the puppy with important nutrients. And dogs love cheese. That is why the cheese bone is also their favourite toy, which they can chew on to their hearts content. You don't have to worry about the little teeth. He cannot bite it and the teeth are not damaged. The dog softens the rock-hard bone with its saliva. Only then can he remove it and so, in addition to whirling around, there is also play time.