Basic Grooming Tips For Dogs

Dog grooming might seem complicated at first, especially for first-time pet owners, but as long as you have the proper tools and tips, it’s nothing to be afraid of!

If you want to treat your furry housemate to a tender grooming, here are the ways to give them a good and thorough clean-up!

1. Brushing your dog

Brushing your dog helps to remove any loose hair and grease trapped in their fur, which prevents skin irritation. Depending on your dog’s coat type, you can clean their fur with a brush, which helps with tangles and mats, and a comb, which is used for removing dead hair from their body.

Grooming a dog

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How often you should brush your furry friend depends on their fur type. If your dog has smooth, short fur, just a gentle brush to get rid of dirt once a week is good enough. For short, dense fur, a slicker brush can help remove tangles.

Dogs with longer, silky coats will have to be brushed daily, first with a slicker brush for the tangles, then with a bristle brush. If the fur is matted, carefully trim it to get rid of the dirt and grime.

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2. Bathing your dog

Similar to brushing, bathing your dog will help to remove all the dirt accumulated on their body, giving them a more thorough cleaning than a simple brush.

Dogs should have their baths at least once a month, though you will have to make sure not to bathe them too often as it might cause their skin to dry out. If your dog has a skin condition, they may need to have a bath once a week. You will also need to find a good dog shampoo that suits your dog’s needs and does not contain any chemicals or fragrances that might be toxic for your dog.

When bathing your dog, do remember to protect their eyes and ears as they might get irritated by the shampoo, so try not to wash directly on your dog's head. To start off the bath, all you’ll have to do is give them a gentle massage with the shampoo, starting from their head before moving onto their main body and tail. Don't forget the underside of its body too, such as their stomach and paws!

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3. Caring for your dog’s eyes, ears, paws, and teeth

Remember to check the rest of their body for any signs of an infection or injury as well! Your dog’s eyes should be bright and clear; if they look cloudy, runny or inflamed, they might have an eye infection and should visit a veterinarian immediately. To clean their eyes, you can gently wipe the surrounding areas with a damp cotton ball to remove gunk and dirt.

Your dog's ears should also be checked weekly to see if there is any dirt or wax stuck in them. Use a cotton wool with ear lotion to remove any grime from their ears, but be careful not to insert anything into their ear canal!

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Do remember to check your dog's paw regularly about once a month as well to spot for any dirt stuck to your dog's feet or any wounds that they might have. Once your dog's nails start to click on the floor, it's time to have it trimmed. Be careful not to cut into the quick, though, and check with a grooming salon or your veterinarian on help with trimming nails if needed.

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Be sure to clean your dog's teeth at least two to three times a week to ensure that its teeth and gums are healthy! You can gently brush its teeth in a circular motion with a dog-specific toothbrush and toothpaste, before rinsing its mouth.

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If you’d like to treat your canine friend to a professional grooming session, you can bring them to one of Pets’ Station’s Pet Grooming Salons where our groomers will provide the best care possible to your beloved pet. Our full grooming session offers all that your dog needs to freshen up, plus fur trimming and styling!

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Every dog deserves a good groom, so be sure to give your furry companion the best care it can get!