Best human foods that your pet can eat


What sort of human food can your beloved pets eat? From coconuts to fish, these are just some of the tasty treats you can feed your trusty companion straight from your kitchen!

Feeding your pet might seem like a straightforward task, having to only feed them their necessary pet food. However, it’s also essential to mix in some healthy human food into their diet from time to time, so as to help boost their health and nutrition. If you’re wondering which of your snacks lying about the kitchen can be added to your fur friend’s meal, here is a list of food you can consider adding to your grocery list!


Food for dogs

1. Coconut

Coconut is pretty healthy food to add to your dog’s diet, containing large amounts of Lauric acid that helps with fighting bacteria and viruses. It’s also a good source of protein, as well as an anti-inflammatory, making it a great pain reliever for pets with injuries.

It can also help with bad breath and clearing skin conditions, though you’ll have to make sure your fur friend doesn’t ingest the furry exterior of the coconut as it’s a choking hazard.

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2. Cooked fish

Another healthy food you can feed your dog is cooked fish, which contains healthy minerals such as omega-3 fatty acids that help to boost your fur friend’s health. Salmon is a favourite among dogs, particularly for their high vitamin and protein content, though sardines are also a good source of calcium with their edible bones.

Be sure to cook your fish, though, as undercooked or raw fish is unhealthy for your pet. Don’t overfeed them either, and limit their fish intake to no more than twice a week in small portions.

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3. Pumpkin

One other food that helps with your dog’s diet is pumpkin, which is packed full of vitamins and fiber. This scrumptious snack helps with your pooch’s digestion, thus preventing diarrhea and any other digestive issues. The oil in pumpkins also helps with the cleansing of your fluffy companion’s urinary tract, making it a rather helpful snack to feed your pet!

You can feed your beloved dog a few spoonfuls of this tasty treat: 1-2 teaspoons for small dogs, 1-2 tablespoons for medium dogs, and 5 tablespoons for large ones.

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4. Peanut butter

Of course, no list of dog treats is complete without the mention of peanut butter. Containing proteins and vitamins, adding it into your dog’s meal is definitely a plus! Some vitamins include Vitamin E, which helps boost the immune system, and Vitamin B, which helps maintain a healthy skin and coat.

For meals, peanut butter can fill up roughly 10% of the meal, though a check with the vet can help provide a more accurate percentage. Be sure that there is absolutely no Xylitol and sugar n the peanut butter. 

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5. Vegetables

Even dogs need to eat their greens! Some popular choices are carrots and corn, due to the proteins they contain. Carrots in particular have a high fiber content, thus aiding in digestion and the health of your dog’s stools. It is also low in fat and calories, making it a healthy treat for your beloved pet to snack on without fear of gaining a few pounds.

Carrots can also help with the immune system, skin, and coat of your beloved pet, thanks to the presence of Vitamin A. However, a high Vitamin A intake might be toxic, so be sure to regulate your dog’s food content. Corn should also be served off the cob, as the cob may be a choking hazard for your fluffy friend.

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Food for cats

1. Cooked fish

As expected, cats can definitely snack on cooked fish! Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that help with maintaining your feline friend’s coat as well as aid them with any kidney diseases or arthritis.

Same with dogs, be sure that the fish is thoroughly cooked and all bones are removed. Otherwise, your cat might get ill or choke on the bones in the fish.

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2. Cooked eggs

Eggs are also good snacks for your cats, as they contain nutritious amino acids and proteins that will help make your furry pal’s meal much healthier! Just be sure that they’re either scrambled or boiled, as raw egg may give your cat salmonella and make them sick.

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3. Vegetables 

For a balanced meal, greens should be included in your cat’s diet as well! Even if they may not take to the taste of vegetables at first, food like cucumber, cantaloupe, and steamed broccoli are packed with vitamins, fiber, and water, making them extremely healthy snacks.

However, be sure that onions and garlic aren’t included in your dish of veggies. They may lead to digestive problems and a high amount of them might even damage your cat’s red blood cells.

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4. Wholegrains

Oats, brown rice, and corn are some whole grains that your cats will enjoy eating, as they contain tons of protein that will help boost their diet! Smaller grains like millet and couscous are also easily edible, though be sure that the grains are cooked first before feeding it to your pet, so as to make sure it's digestible.

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Though these treats help to regulate your pets’ diets and make them healthier, it’s only good in moderation! Be sure to feed them the amount recommended by your veterinarian, and that their main diet still consists of pet food. Happy feasting!