Combating Sensitive Skin in Dogs

A dog’s skin is a crucial part of their body and provides several key health functions. Regardless of their breed and age, sensitive skin and skin irritation is a condition that impacts many dogs. For some dogs that suffer from this predicament, they are reacting to something in their environment such as plants, yard sprays, diffusers and deodorants. In such instances, getting rid of the irritants in the environment will resolve the issue for your dogs.

However, sometimes removing allergens from the environment is not enough. A prominent factor that contributes to sensitive skin in dogs is diet and allergies. It can therefore be challenging to find sources of food that are safe and nutritious for your little one.

Check out Big Dog’s specially manufactured Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, or BARF diet. Their products under the scientific range provide your dogs with the specialised diet and care that they require to combat their health issue.

Source: Big Dog Pet Food


Big Dog’s Sensitive Skin recipe aims to assist with the dietary management of allergies. The recipe is made to promote the skin and coat health of your dogs while also strengthening their immune system to help them overcome their ailment.

Infused with skin-nourishing and anti-inflammatory goodness, this diet has been uniquely formulated to help dogs with itchy, sore, irritated and inflamed skin. Compromising of top-notch ingredients such as whole salmon, coconut oil and turmeric, this recipe both promotes the healing of current skin issues and reduces the likelihood of future ones.

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