What's new in the pet shop industry? Growths and trends for 2022

Yearly trends act as a snapshot of any industry. These yearly trends are not just a reflection of what consumers want and care about during a given period of time, but a timely signal of upcoming shifts in customer behavior and best operational practices. The pet industry is no exception. As the world changes, so do the needs and desires of both pet parents and their furry buddies. In fact, the ways of servicing pets and pet parents in each pet shop should also be transformed dynamically to meet expectations.

What makes the pet industry more dynamic and expansive is its service range which includes pet care, pet food, pet products, pet health and services, and technology. Moreover, the pet food segment covers food for pets, including cats and dogs, as well as food products for other house pets such as rabbits, and fish. Pet food is not included in the feed for farm animals.

This comprehensive guide will outline some of the top pet industry trends in Singapore for the year 2022. At the end of this article, you will be able to gain an insight into what you have to expect from this year and what has to be built for the years to come.

Top pet industry trends in 2022

1. Pet wellness

Wellness trends for humans are a common topic, but what about pets? In 2022, you can expect more focus on health and wellness-related products and services for your furry friends. This is because pet product manufacturers are concerned about the overall health of your pets after the COVID-19 pandemic (health-focused mindset).

2. Nutritional food

A focus on nutrition around pet food is a major pet industry trend in 2022. The global natural and organic pet food market reached over a billion US dollars in 2020. The trend is not going to stop. Organic pet food offers greater health benefits due to several reasons. These reasons include minimum use of additives, use of plant ingredients, fewer trans fats, etc. As a pet parent, you can turn to organic pet food in 2022 to help with your furry buddies' specific dietary concerns such as maintaining weight, and digestive disorders.

3. Sustainable petting

In recent years, sustainability and being eco-friendly have become popular topics that have a high level of importance in day-to-day life. Now, this has translated to the pet industry as well. According to studies, over 51% of pet parents in Singapore are willing to spend on pet products as long as the products are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. Some other ways through which the ‘sustainable petting’ will be more visible in 2022 are:

  • Sustainable pet product packaging
  • Less use of plastics for pet toys
  • Zero waste during the production of pet products
  • Sourcing sustainable ingredients in pet food
4. Pets’ smart technology

Thinking of buying a smartphone for your little furry friend? No way! There are no smartphones for pets (yet). However, companies are producing pet-friendly technological gadgets that can benefit both you (pet parent) and your pet alike. There are pet wearable devices such as GPS-tracking collars, smart vests, automatic dispensers, and smart cameras. The list is endless. The GPS-pet collar is quite popular this year due to all of the on-tech features it offers. Some collars can even send notifications if they detect the pet is showing any health-related concerns (odd behavior), running away (moving away from home), etc. 

5. Pet grooming for bonding

Grooming your pet is not just about keeping her clean. It’s not all about your pet’s look either. Regular pet grooming to maintain your pet’s health will surely become a trend in 2022. Studies show that pet parents find the time spent on grooming as an opportunity to build a bond with their pets.

How will the pet industry change in Singapore 2022?

According to Singapore statistics, over 70% of Singaporean households own a pet. Currently, the industry is worth millions of dollars, and it is expected to reach new heights in 2022. The pet industry shows no sign of slowing down, and now is the ideal time to remain and march ahead of the curve and consider what pet parents are looking for. If you are in the industry, remaining on top of industry trends is a crucial way to meet the requirements of both current and prospective customers.


The pet industry market is expected to grow by billions of dollars in the coming years, and technology is definitely going to play a major role as companies develop different accessories with techno solutions. You can get the latest trending products both by visiting a pet store or online at a pet shop. Either way, knowing the best pet shop in Singapore is quite important if you want to get the highest quality pet accessories. You can visit Pets’ Station and find out about many exciting trends in the pet industry this year. Join Pets’ Station today!