• 2gather Twin Pet Stroller (black/stripe)
  • 2gather Twin Pet Stroller (black/stripe)
2gather Twin Pet Stroller (black/stripe)
2gather Twin Pet Stroller (black/stripe)

2gather Twin Pet Stroller (black/stripe)

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No amount of time spent together with your fur babies is ever enough. With 2Gather stroller, you can now pamper your pet with morning walks in the park, a trip to the market, brunches with your loved ones, jogging in the city and more! Create beautiful memories with your pet.
Key features
  • Double seat design, twin basket
  • 4 Wheels modern design
  • Safety leash
  • Large storage basket
  • Front & rear entry
  • Safe, easy movement & sturdy.
  • High density oxford fabric and wearproof material.
  • Suitable for pets weighing 20kg and below.


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Additional Info


Well-structured and made of high-density oxford fabric. New waterproof features that that enables you to use your pet stroller even if it rains. All joints are made of nylon instead of plastic, giving it more flexibility.


Suitable For

Suitable for pets weighing 20kg and below.


When Unfolded: 97cm (L) x 83cm (W) x 77.5cm (H)

Basket: 59cm (L) x 62cm (W) x 64cm (H)

Pet typeDog, Cat
BreedMini & Small Breed
FunctionFoldable, Washable

Usage guide

Easy to Assemble & Fold

Easy to assemble in accordance with the assembly instruction. All you need to do is to assemble the wheels and teacup tray, everything else is pre-assembled. Opens easily and folds up quickly. Foldable stroller function is great for storing in the car trunk, making travelling easy for you. 

Comfortable Pet Basket

Pet basket features breathable air meshes to allow fresh air into the pet basket at all times. Large zip opening for easy access of your pet.

Easy Movement

Push the stroller with great ease. Front wheels can be rotated 360° and rear wheel comes with two rear security brakes with fixed snaps. Follow assembly instruction booklet on how to assemble and use 2Gather stroller.

Storage and handling

Clean the Wheels

While pet strollers can take on almost any terrain, regularly cleaning and lubricating the wheels to remove any trapped debris will allow you to maneuver your stroller with ease and give your wheels a longer life.

Check for Loose or Damaged Parts

Pet strollers often feature many moving parts such as folding mechanisms, zippers, and fastenings. Checking to make sure all these parts are properly functioning will allow you to address the issue before you take your stroller out again, and possibly further damage it.

Stay Away from Harsh Chemical Cleaners

Avoid cleaning the inside and outside of your stroller with abrasive chemical cleaners. Not only can residue cause rusting, but it can actually pose a danger to your fur baby. It is best to use a cleaner specifically designed for your stroller!

Check the Cabin Measurement + Weight Limit

Many people tend to overlook the cabin measurement when purchasing a Pet Stroller. It is critical to look at the cabin measurement to make sure that your pet(s) will fit comfortability in it. You want your pet feels secure in the space, otherwise they will whine or scratch to get out.

Weight guidelines have been carefully studied and tested so that you can get the most out of your pet stroller and keep your pet(s) safe. If you have a more muscular pet, such as a bulldog, you will need a Pet Stroller that can accommodate their weight. Make sure to follow the weight guidelines to keep your stroller in good condition and your pet(s) safe.

Proper Stroller Storage

Always properly fold and store your stroller in a clean and dry space to prevent it from any damage, rust, or mildew. When you are ready to take it out again, give it a quick pre-walk check to ensure correct operation and the safety of your pet(s).

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What others say

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2gather Twin Pet Stroller (black/stripe)