• Bioline Cat Grass Kit
Bioline Cat Grass Kit

Bioline Cat Grass Kit

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12g grass kit
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Grow delicious, organic and nutritious greens cats crave

Easy-to-grow seeds sprout in days

Kit includes cat grass seeds and soil in a recyclable container & small shovel

Safe alternative to potentially poisonous houseplants and chemically treated lawns


Key features
  • Dealing with hairballs disease (locally in the gut cat fur tufts)

  • Improved plant fiber to help digestion and improve the resistance of the stomach

  • Helps reduce bad breath, prevention of diseases of the mouth, gums, vitamin supplements and trace elements corresponding to inhibit and reduce gingivitis

  • Ability to stimulate milk for the mother cat is pregnant and lactating

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Additional Info
Pet typeCat
Life stageAll Life Stages

Usage guide

Step 1: Soak seeds. - You soak the barley in water, after 4 hours fished out the seeds float on the water damage. - The good seeds will sink to the bottom, soak 24-48 hours depending on the climate of each season. Barley seeds will bloom stretch suck enough water and then you take out the germ papillae for sowing.

Step 2: Cultivation - Sow seeds germinated barley into soil trays - Sow seeds 1cm from the ground to the grass grow crooked from being broken super.

Step 3: Take care - Irrigation water 2 times brightness. - For barley grass trays in a cool place and sunlight.

Step 4: Harvest. - For 1 week to grass grows to a height can harvest - You can let the cat graze directly in the tray or can be cut out for the cats sipping slowly. - Good luck.

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What others say

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Bioline Cat Grass Kit