• Proline Natural Clumpy Lavender Fragrant Cat Litter
Proline Natural Clumpy Lavender Fragrant Cat Litter

Proline Natural Clumpy Lavender Fragrant Cat Litter

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Proline Natural Clumpy LAVENDER Fragrant Cat Litter 10L

Made of 100% natural material.In order to reduce dust formation to the lowest level in use, it has passed through special production.Thanks to the clumping feature, you can separate the used area with a shovel and continue to use the remaining sand.It is very economical in this regard.

Key benefits

100% Natural: Because Proline cat litter contains completely natural raw materials, there are no chemicals that could harm you and your cats health.

Absorbency Feature: The proline cats sand is absorbed into the liquid by the effect of excellent pelletizing and instantly lumps. With this feature, any kind of bacteria that can harm you and your cat will be prevented.

Minimum dusting: While Proline cat litter is being produced, the amount of dust has been reduced to a minimum by special treatment to prevent dust from reaching the consumer.

Odor Preventive Effect: In addition to preventing the spread of bad smells to the proline cat litter, it also gives a pleasant smell when in contact with liquid.

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Life stagesAll life stages
Litter typeBentonite
Litter scentLavender

1. Pour Cat litter into litter tray till a height of 5cm to 8cm.
2. Remove dried droppings once or twice a day using a sifting scoop.
3. Dispose droppings properly into a trash bin.
4. Refill Cat Litter to a height of 5cm to 8cm at all times.

What others say

What others say

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Proline Natural Clumpy Lavender Fragrant Cat Litter