7 Benefits to a Raw Food Diet

Every dog has their own preferences and dietary requirements, but how do you know which is the right kind for your pup? With countless types of dog food on the market, key differences in ingredients and preparation could be what you have to look out for. Raw dog food usually contains a mix of whole meat, egg and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Big Dog’s specially manufactured Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, or BARF diet provides your dogs with an all rounded, natural diet. If you're considering switching your dog to a raw diet, read on for 7 benefits to raw dog food:


1. Skin and coat health

Infused with omega-3 fatty acids, a raw food diet would support the skin and coat health of your dogs. In addition to a softer and shinier coat, omega fatty acids also contain anti-inflammatory benefits, making them ideal for dogs with allergies, sensitive skin, or inflammatory skin diseases.

Raw food diets consist numerous ingredients that are rich in fatty acids such as salmon, chia seeds and flax seeds. By feeding these to your pet raw, it ensures that the quality of the ingredients are persevered and effective.

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2. Immunity care

The immune system is one of the most crucial parts of the body. By fighting off viruses and bacteria, it ensures that your pet remains hale and healthy. Infused with top notch ingredients that will provide your dog with a complete and balanced nutriment, the BARF diet strengthens your pet’s immune system. Some examples of natural immune boosting ingredients that have been incorporated into a raw food diet are meat, fruits and vegetables, and superfoods. Each ofd easily digestible and high quality, both of which are crucial in building a strong immune system. Raw meat also contains a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that are not often found in meats that have been heavily processed. By providing your pets with a raw, fresh diet, you are also providing them with essential micronutrients that play a large role in strengthening their bodies.

Fruits and vegetables are both vital parts of a diet for both humans and animals alike. Fruits and vegetables are known to provide numerous vitamins that benefit the overall health of your pets. Fruits and vegetables are also at their most nutritious when eaten raw, thereby providing your dogs with the utmost nutritional value when infused in a raw food diet.

Superfoods are full of vitamins and enzymes, all of which have positive impacts on the immunity and overall health of your little ones. Superfoods are also crucial in the detoxing process of your dog’s digestive system, making it a key ingredient in ensuring the health of your dog. 

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3. Bone and joint health

Infused with crushed bones, the Big Dog’s BARF diet is a fantastic source of calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and marrow. These ingredients not only promote strong bones, they are also great in ensuring the overall healthy growth in puppies!


4. Dental care 

The raw and meaty bones that are a large part of Big Dog’s products are well-known for being nature’s toothbrush for dogs. With a high calcium content, it helps to strengthen your dog’s teeth. In addition to that, it is able to assist in the removal of plague.

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5. Reproductive care

It was reported by Guide Dogs Australia in a 2009 study that a 100% raw food diet has lead to an increase in the number of dogs produced per litter. Pups born from said litters were said to be healthier and flourishing.

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6. Reduced body odour

It has been mentioned by numerous patrons of the raw food diet that their dogs now have a milder body odour and less bad breath. This is due to the lack of unnecessary sugary components that are regularly found in kibble and canned food. The sugary components often lead to a buildup in plague and tartar which would then cause bad breath.

As for the body odour, it could be due to the fact that the dogs are producing less gas due to their bodies digesting more biologically appropriate things.


7. Less stool

A decrease in the production of stool is directly related to the effect of your dogs consuming a diet that is highly digestible. This would mean that from what your dog consumes, more of it is absorbed and utilised so that less of it comes out of the other end! This also means that your little one is absorbing more nutrients from their diet.

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There are numerous other benefits that come from switching to a raw food diet. Additionally, all Big Dog diets are made from natural ingredients with no artificial chemicals, colours, flavourings or preservatives. Made from high quality raw meats, it ensures that the quality and nutritional value of the proteins used are well persevered.

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