• Big Dog Kangaroo Barf Frozen Raw Cat Food
  • Big Dog Kangaroo Barf Frozen Raw Cat Food
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Big Dog Kangaroo Barf Frozen Raw Cat Food
Big Dog Kangaroo Barf Frozen Raw Cat Food

Big Dog Kangaroo Barf Frozen Raw Cat Food

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Nutritional Info
Kanga for Cats is Big Dog's Kangaroo recipe. With the benefit of lean muscle meat, vitamin and mineral-rich offal, calcium-rich crushed bone as well as biologically appropriate amounts of carrots, wheat grass, barley grass, whole eggs, live probiotics, prebiotics alfalfa and kelp. Kick the can to the curb and let your furry feline into the raw food realm!

Big Dog's Biologically Appropriate Raw Food is based on the natural diet of wild cats to deliver nutritional, healthy food especially for your feline friends. Using only high quality raw ingredients, Big Dog cat food contains no grain, artificial chemicals, colours, flavours or preservatives, and is scientifically formulated to support immunity, and skin, joint, muscle, bone, nail and teeth health.

Key benefits
  • Boost immune system
  • Good for digestion with active enzymes
  • Skin and joint health support; improve bone, nail and teeth health
  • Suitable for all stages
  • No artificial nasties or fillers
About the range: range for cat

Big Dog for Cats diets are species appropriate, raw food diets specifically designed to suit the health needs of cats. Cats are obligate carnivores and require a high meat diet for optimal health. Our diets for cats are made up of 92% meat, bone and offal providing high-quality protein in it's raw form, high in taurine, an amino acid cats need from their diet to maintain health and wellbeing. This cat food recipes are mixed protein using a blend of red and white meats for maximum nutritional variety in convenient individual serve sizes.

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Nutritional Info


Kangaroo (meat, crushed bone, heart, liver, lung, trachea), chicken (meat, crushed bone), beef meat, seasonal fruit and vegetables (carrots, green beans, celery), whole chicken egg, sprouted wheatgrass, cold pressed ground flaxseed, goats whey, psyllium, kelp, organic fulvic acid.

Guaranteed analysis

  • Protein - 16%
  • Fat - 8%
  • Fibre - <1%
  • Calcium - 1%
  • Phosphorus - 0.6%
  • Calcium/Phosphorus Ratio - 1:0.6
  • Ash - 3%
  • Moisture - 73%
  • Energy 500kJ/100g
Protein sourceKangaroo, Chicken, Beef
Life stageAll life stages
Breed sizeAll breed sizes
Special dietGrain-free, Gluten-free

Feeding guide

Approximate number of patties to feed your dog per day

Storage and handling

Keep frozen
Be sure to keep raw food portions frozen until ready for thawing.
Defrost properly
Place required portions of frozen raw food in the fridge and allow time for defrosting. If required sooner, place in hot water to thaw but not cook.
Storage and safety
Keep thawed patties in the fridge for no longer than 48 hours and do not cook as our recipes contain bone.
Wash well
Thoroughly wash all utensils, work areas and hands with warm soapy water after contacting raw food.

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What others say

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Big Dog Kangaroo Barf Frozen Raw Cat Food