All You Need To Know About Raw Food For Dogs

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Raw food for dogs: what was once considered a controversial dietary choice for your canines is now growing in popularity. A raw food diet comprises of only raw ingredients. This newly favoured nutriment consists primarily of raw meat, bones, egg, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Initially proposed in 1993 by veterinarian Ian Billinghurst, this diet is what he called Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, or BARF.

According to several veterinary publications, raw dog food has proven to have numerous benefits including shiner coats, cleaner teeth, healthier skin, smaller stools, and higher levels of energy. It has also proven to strengthen the immune system by providing complete and balanced nutrition through all natural ingredients that are highly digestible for your dog.

It was intended by nature for dogs to eat raw. The highly acidic nature of their stomachs and short digestive tracts ensures a safe passing of the pathogens, therefore eliminating any health concerns. It is worth noting that raw food and the bacteria that naturally accompanies it, is what is consumed by cats and dogs in the wild. Our well-loved pets share a resemblance in DNA with their wolf ancestors. It is therefore by nature’s design that they are able to eat this way.

However, it is always safer to ensure that raw food for dogs is stored properly; in a freezer with secure packaging.


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A BARF diet is a rather flexible one. For picky dogs and dogs that are new to this diet, you could always slowly introduce raw food by mixing it in with kibble. This is especially recommended for dogs that were on a kibble diet prior. If you are considering switching your dogs over to a raw food diet completely, ease your dog into the new nutriment by mixing raw food with kibble over the course of 10-12 days. For more information on transitioning your pet to a raw food diet, read this.

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If you're thinking of switching to raw dog food, Big Dog contains a wide range of BARF diets that are specially modified to suit the dietary requirements of your dog.

1. Core Range

A flavour based diet, this raw food meal comprises numerous types of protein. By using a variety of proteins, this meal promotes an evolutionary diet similar to when animals would have consumed varied prey. The core range diet also allows for an assortment of amino acids that would keep the immune system of your dogs strong and healthy.

2. Single Protein Allergy Range

This range caters specifically to dogs with allergies to certain proteins by providing a nutritious raw food diet compromising of one meat.

3. Scientific Range

Products under the scientific range cater to pets with specific health conditions such as sensitive skin and arthritis. Each product under this range is modified to be of the utmost aid through the addition of various ingredients and vitamins for pets with health issues.

All Big Dog diets are made from natural ingredients with no artificial chemicals, colours, flavourings or preservatives. Made from high quality raw meats, it ensures that the quality and nutritional value of the proteins used are well persevered.

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